For 5 generations, the LATREUILLE family has been developing an entrepreneurial and innovating spirit.

The LATREUILLE distillery has been created in 1904 by Georges LATREUILLE and revolves around the Cognac business. After he passed away in 1927, the business has been handed down from father to son. Raoul, Georges’ son, would create, from the Charentais vineyard, a Brandy production industry.
Jean-Paul LATREUILLE took up the reins in 1962 and decided to diversify his production with vine and juice business.

Xavier LATREUILLE succeeded his father in 1996. He has been developing concentration and rectification plant for the grape juice market. His implication and his will would lead him to develop a new innovating product: eXOse


Grape-sugar History

The fabrication story of the grape-sugar begins during the French First Empire.
Napoléon instituted the continental blockade in 1806, the cane sugar which comes from far-off island was going to be replaced by the grape-sugar.
Louis Joseph Proust, a savant, (1754-1826) would move research forward.


Study and conception

He continued his research in order to extract grape-sugar. He could have succeeded if his state of health didn’t stop him in his encouraging way.
In 1810 the very bad French grape harvest definitely compromised this innovative attempt which hadn’t any appropriate industrial answer for its development.


Abandon et renaissance

The blockage has been suppressed in 1813, which is why the cane sugar has flooded the Europe.
The wine sugar process fell into a state of lethargy until a bold industrial, Xavier Latreuille, decides to wake it up by creating eXOse.