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A nectar stem from an expertise of a Cognac distiller

  • After the grape-harvest in the autumn, the grape juice is selected.
    Then we extract a liquid paste from the grape sugar thanks to the step of evaporation. In the end eXOse is refined.
    An alchemical mixture between taste and affirmation of a terroir, between magic and "success story"; the grape-sugar eXOse reveals an historic anteriority and an exemplary expertise

    It doesn’t matter if you are a gourmet restaurant or an housewife, this flavour enhancer is the ideal mate for your cooking.
    Since 1904, we are used to enhance the terroir, men and the Charentais vineyard. eXOse follow those essentials values.

  • eXOse is inventive, tasty and authentic.
    eXOse is natural, additive and stabilizer-free product : sugar 100%
    eXOse is creative, delicious and authentic. It guarantees you the innovation with dishes full of flavors.

    Recipes has been tested : seasonings, sorbets, toppings, cocktails … eXOse is excellent on marinade and deglazing. Chefs like to use it to reduce excess acidity or bring savor… Many ways to discover eXOse !

  • Unique and rare, eXOse delight magically your cooking.
    Subtle and surprising, eXOse is, above all else, link to a territorial tradition : the grape sugar is a noble product.
    The LATREUILLE distillery has been a “grape specialist” for more than 100 years.

    Like Nicolas Flamel who transmuted lead into gold with his crucible, eXOse glorify the grape with talent.

    eXOse: Imagination serving human adventure